Did we miss something? Feel free to contact us directly.


Will support always be there for me?

Yes, we're here 24x7 in case something goes wrong or you just need to talk to someone. Either send an email to, or submit a ticket through the Raspberry system.

Which locations can I deploy my cloud server in in?

We currently offer NYC Metro and LA locations.

Is bandwith pooled?

We don't offer pooled bandwith at this moment, but instead equip your servers with high bandwith allowance.

Is it hard to manage a server by myself?

Well, kinda sorta maybe - but if you're willing to learn, you'll be good. And in case you really screw up, a reload is only a few clicks away. That being said, we can recommend the cPanel web-based system administration tool; Cremé can be used to add a licence—provisioned immediately.

But what is Cremé?

Cremé is the magical part of our Raspberry platform. What it does is unknown to many, sometimes even us. But what we know is that it contains various helpful tools and services at amazing prices that will help you run your servers smoothly. Expect more things to appear there in the near future.


Which virtualization technology is employed?

Our cloud servers are powered by the KVM hypervisor, a proven virtualization technology that works wonders for performance and stability.

Do we get dedicated CPU cores?

No, we used limited shared cores access, so you get access to as many cores as your plan allows. Be not afraid tho young Jedi, there is plenty of CPU power in our host machines.

How long does it take to spin up a server?

Usually, just a couple of minutes!


Do I have to enter my credit card details or pay to sign-up?

No! Everyone person that signs-up will receive a free $5 account credit so that can they create a machine and have a play around.

What payment methods to you accept?

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are the normal method of payment. However, you can also use PayPal to "pre-pay" for your services as you need.

Do you offer refunds?

Because you can experiment with our service completely free, we do not offer refunds unless in exceptional circumstances.